Phulpakhru 16 September 2019 Written Update: Why Does Supu Want To Meet Sameer?

In tonight's episode, Supu tells Tanya that he wants to meet Sameer and talk to him about their breakup.

A still from Phulpakhru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Sameer gets shocked when Revati expresses her feelings for him. He tells her to calm down and assures her that they will be friends. Manas tells Tanya about the incident that happened the previous night. At RBK, Revati calls Manas and Sameer in her cabin and apologises to them for her behaviour. Seeing this drastic change, Manas and Sameer get surprised. The latter gifts them shirts and says that  they will start working together without any grudges.

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In tonight’s episode, Sameer and Manas present a new tune to Revati. She appreciates it and says that it can be improved. Post the meeting, Revati asks Sameer to wait as she wants to talk him something personal. She then tells him that she is feeling alone and needs someone to be with her constantly. 

At home, Supu comes to talk to Atya as she wanted to apologise to him. While talking, he keeps on interrupting Atya so that she is unable to apologise. A few moments later, Vaidehi and Tanya come downstairs and get surprised after seeing Supu. Supu tells Tanya that he wants to meet Sameer and talk to him about the breakup. 

Sameer is about to leave for Manas’ place but Revati asks him if he can spend some time with her. He somehow manages to leave from office. The moment he reaches Manas’ place, Supu also leaves and both of them are about to bump into each other. Luckily, Sameer gets a call and he turns back. Manas asks Sameer what took so long to come home and the latter tells him that Revati asked him to wait. Hearing this, Tanya gets hurt and goes upstairs.

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