Phulpakhru 17 April 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Vaidehi Gets An Unknown Call Again

The caller starts singing a song which scares Vaidehi.


In today’s episode of Phulpakhru, Revati comes at Manas’ home after he tells her about Vaidehi’s health. Revati sees that this time Manas was telling the truth as Vaidehi is really unwell. Atya welcomes Revati and talks to her and gets lost in the conversation. Manas then reminds Atya that Revati has come to have a meeting with Manas.

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Revati then tells Manas that they have chosen him and he is an important artist for their company. She then tells him that as a part of this deal he will not only sing for them but he can also compose his own songs and direct the music. On hearing this, Manas is happy.

Vaidehi who is taking rest in her bedroom gets a call from an unknown caller who has been troubling her for a long time. This time he calls Vaidehi and starts singing a song. Vaidehi is afraid of this maniac as she feels this might turn out to be something dangerous. While she is in her thoughts, Manas comes into the bedroom and shares the news of Revati telling him about the composing of music.

Vaidehi doesn’t seem to pay attention to his talks as she is still thinking about the unknown caller. Manas is unaware of why Vaidehi is upset. He feels that she is tired and needs rest. He then tells her to take rest and in the meantime, he thinks of going and meeting Sameer. Vaidehi then cuts the topic and asks him to go.

Manas then meets Sameer at the tapri and as they have met after a very long time they are having their special tea. Sameer then shares with Manas that he has been inspired by him to follow his passion for music and wants to consider it seriously Manas encourages him for doing so. While they are talking, Manas tells him that Vaidehi is unwell and Sameer then tells Manas to take him home as he wants to see how she is.

On the other hand, Shubham shares his plan of getting into Vaidehi’s life with Mr Rane. He tells him that he will have a person in Vaidehi’s company who will give him all the information about the projects and meetings so that he can track her make plans.

Shubham then calls Atya to ask about Vaidehi. Atya then gets irritated and tells him not to call her as she is not keeping well. Hearing this Shubham reacts as if he is shocked and Atya feels that she did a mistake by telling him about Vadehi’s illness.

Later in the evening, Vaidehi comes downstairs to see Maahi and just then someone knocks the door and Atya opens the door. She sees Shubham with a bouquet who has come to see Vaidehi as she is not well. Vaidehi is irritated to see him but Shubham says that even if they are not doing business together they can be friends and one friend should know if another one is not well.

What will Shubham do next? Keep watching to know more.

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