Phulpakhru 17 July 2019 Written Update: Tanya Hears Sameer And Revati’s Conversation

In tonight's episode, Sameer doesn't realise that the call did not get disconnected and Tanya hears him flirting with Revati.

Ashish Joshi aka Sameer

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Sameer is stressed about the performance and eagerly waiting for Manas. Revati welcomes the guests and asks him if everything is ready. Just then Jyoti tells her that Manas is late today. A few moments later, Manas surprises everyone when he starts singing. Sameer despite being unaware of the song lyrics joins Manas and both of them rock the performance. Later that day, Revati appreciates their efforts and asks them to get started with a new song.

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In tonight’s episode, Tanya listens to Vaidehi and calls Sameer to talk about the problem. Sameer rejects the call because he is busy talking to Revati. She calls him again thinking it he must be a network error. This time Sameer picks up the call and tells her that he is busy right now and will call her later and keeps his mobile.

Sameer doesn’t realise that the phone isn’t disconnected and Tanya is able to hear everything. He continues flirting with Revati and hearing this, Tanya is shattered and leaves from Vaidehi’s house without saying anything. A few moments later, Vaidehi comes downstairs and asks Atya how can she manage to be calm even when she has so many problems. The latter says that she knows that she has spent her life on her own so now it doesn’t feel bad about it.

Later that day, Revati tells the team that she has good news for Manas. She says that one of the famous jewellery shops is opening a new branch and they have invited Manas as their chief guest. Manas is happy to know this and calls Vaidehi to share the good news. At home, Vaidehi is busy doing household chores and asks Baba to receive the call since its Manas. Before Baba could say anything, Manas starts talking to him about giving a kiss over the phone and tells him about the good news in a romantic way thinking its Vaidehi. When Baba starts speaking, Manas gets awkward and later both of them start laughing.

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