Phulpakhru 17 September 2019 Written Update: Revati Incites Sameer Against Manas

In tonight's episode, Sameer gets furious after listening to Revati and goes to Manas's place to ask questions.

A still from Phulpakhru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Revati asks Sameer to wait as she wants to talk him something personal. She then tells him that she is feeling alone and needs someone to be with her constantly. Supu tells Tanya that he wants to meet Sameer and talk to him about the breakup. Manas asks Sameer why he took so much time to come home and the latter tells him that Revati asked him to wait. Hearing this, Tanya gets hurt and goes upstairs.

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In tonight’s episode, Sameer gets a call from Revati and he goes outside to talk to her. This annoys Vaidehi as he leaves the dinner table while he was having food. Sameer clarifies to Revati that they are just friends and nothing more than that is going to happen between them. 

Next day, Vaidehi goes to Tanya’s room and asks her if she felt bad when Sameer and Manas were talking about Revati. The latter tells her that she was upset but then she thought of moving out from that place so  she is fine. At RBK, Revati calls Sameer in her cabin and tells him that needs to choose his friends wisely. Her whole point is to make Sameer realise that Manas is not worthy of his friendship.

Hearing such things, Sameer gets furious and goes to Manas place. Meanwhile, Manas, Vaidehi, Tanya and Atya are preparing for the visarjan. Just then, Sameer enters the house and tells Manas that he wants to talk to him urgently. He tells Manas that their friendship is not profitable for him and he has realised this. Manas explains to him that friendship is not about profit or loss rather it is about being with each other.

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