Phulpakhru 18 April 2019 Preview: Manas Meets Shubham Again, Comes To Know His Real Name

Will Manas come to know that he is the same Shubham who irritates Vaidehi?


In today’s episode of Phulpakhru, Revati tells Manas that he can also compose his own songs and direct music for it. Hearing this, Manas gets excited to tell it to Vaidehi but Vaidehi gets a call from the unknown caller and that is why she doesn’t react to what Manas says. Later in the evening, Shubham comes to meet Vaidehi as Atya told him that Vaidehi is not keeping well. 

Watch the episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, Manas and Sameer are on their way to back home and meet an accident and bump into a car. Sameer then gets angry on the driver and calls him out of his car. The car driver and the owner comes out and it’s none other than Shubham. Shubham then tries to calm down Sameer as it seems he knows him well. While doing this, Shubham sees Manas and stops for a moment.

Somehow the matter gets sorted and Manas asks Sameer how does he know him? Sameer then tells him that he is Shubham Rajadhyaksh.

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