Phulpakhru 18 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Atya Taunts Shubham

Atya makes fun of Shubham in the most unexpected way.


In today’s episode of Phulpakhru, Manas sees Vaidehi being upset and thinks that it because of her fever, he then goes to meet Sameer at the tapri. Sameer tells Manas that he wants to pursue his career in music as he feels inspired by Manas. Shubham calls Atya asking for Vaidehi, Atya then tells him that Vaidehi is not keeping well. Shubham then comes to meet Vaidehi at home.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, seeing Shubham again, Vaidehi gets irritated but Atya then makes fun of Shubham by taunting him. Shubham then leaves from the house after and while returning, he bumps into Manas. When the argument starts, Manas and Shubham are about to fight with each other but Sameer gets things under control as he knows Shubham very well. Sameer then tells Shubham’s identity to Manas and hearing this, he gets shocked.

Next day, Manas makes Thalipeeth for everyone at home as he wants Vaidehi. He then asks Atya to taste it before giving it to Vaidehi. She appreciates her skills. Tanya calls Vaidehi and asks about Shubham as she heard it from Sameer. Vaidehi then tells her how he met her.

Manas comes to the bedroom with his specially made Thalipeeth’s and eating them, Vaidehi gets impressed and both then spend some romantic and time together.

Will Shubham be successful in his plans? Keep watching to know more.

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