Phulpakhru 18 July 2019 Written Update: Tanya Insults Revati And Sameer

In tonight's episode, Tanya comes to RBK to meet Sameer and sees him holding Revati's hand.

Trushna aka Tanya

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi asks Tanya to call Sameer and resolve their differences. At first, he rejects her call but later he answers it and tells her that he is busy and will call her later. After saying this he keeps aside the phone and forgets that he did not disconnect the call. Tanya hears Sameer flirting with someone and later she realises that he is with Revati.

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In tonight’s episode, Atya tells Vaidehi that she is sad about whatever happened but doesn’t regret it. She then explains that despite having a love marriage love, respect and understanding was never there. Later, when she learnt that Kuldeep had married her only for her property it was too late because she was already a mother of two children.

At RBK, Sameer is seen reading everyone’s palm and telling them about their future. All the other team members rush to him to show their hand and know their future. When Mugdha shows her hand, he tells her that soon she will meet the love of her life hinting at Tarana. Just then Revati comes out of her cabin and stands near him. Seeing her, all the others go back to their desk. Revati then asks Sameer to come to her cabin and tell her future.

Later that day, Tanya comes to RBK to meet Sameer. When she enters Revati’s cabin, she sees Sameer holding Revati’s hand. She comes near him and slaps him thinking they were upto something wrong. When Revati tries to explain, she asks her to shut up. Sameer gets angry on Tanya and asks her to leave. She doesn’t listen to him and keeps blaming him for lying about work while enjoying with Revati. She also insults Revati saying she has made him do all these things.

A few moments later Tanya’s voice is heard by other team members and they gather near Revati’s cabin.

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