Phulpakhru 2 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Manas Receives An Offer

Vaidehi makes sure that Manas gets a fair offer from the music company.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Vaidehi plans to return home early and surprise Manas but instead she gets surprised to see Revati and Manas together at their house. Manas tries to explain Vaidehi but she seems to be unhappy with the surprise. Vaidehi then gets a call from Shubham asking if she has reached home safely, Vaidehi teases Manas by talking to Shubham. Both of them confront each other that they were jealous and share a laugh together.

Watch the latest episode below:

In today’s episode, we see Vaidehi finds a few issues in the terms and policies of the contract. She then contacts the music company to get clarity. Shubham comes to Mumbai and is seen talking to a person named Rane. He tells him about how his father had to suffer losses because of people he had with him. He also tells him that he is different from his father and doesn’t forgive the one who betrays him. It took a lot to rebuilt everything again with his efforts and hard work. But he feels that whosoever betrayed his father should get punished.

Vaidehi gets a revert from the company quickly and she is happy to know that they have made the necessary changes in the policy. Vaidehi then discusses the package and demands Rs 9 lakh. The company is willing to offer Rs 7 lakh which includes extra perks. Vaidehi agrees to this and is happy for Manas. As soon as she comes to know about this, she feels that she should give this good news to him personally and leaves early from her office.

Vaidehi reaches home and Manas gets surprised to see her so early. Vaidehi then shares the news with Manas and Atya and both are happy to hear. Atya tells them that she will make Halwa for Manas and Vaidehi. In the evening, a person comes with the contract and Vaidehi reads it carefully before Manas signing it.

Atya then keeps the papers in front of Ganpati Bappa and prays for Manas. Shubham has come to Mumbai what will he do next to meet Vaidehi? Keep watching to know more.

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