Phulpakhru 22 April 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Manas Tries Hard To Compose Music

Manas is unable to concentrate on his music as he is being disturbed by Atya, Vaidehi, Sameer and Tanya.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi receives a call from the unknown caller who tells her that he is missing her. Hearing this, Vaidehi gets tensed but she decides not to tell to Manas. Next morning, Manas makes breakfast for everyone but when Atya goes to the kitchen to ask if he needs any help, he asks Atya to go out and sit quietly. Manas then takes breakfast to the table and teases Atya.

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In tonight’s episode, Manas gets a phone call from Revati and he tells her that she just disturbed him as he was composing his music. Revati apologises and asks him to massage her whenever he is done with composing. Vaidehi seeing Manas getting irritated decides to trouble him. Manas then gets irritated and tries to find a place where he can sit alone and compose music.

He then decides to sit in the hall of the house and then Atya comes to ask him if her food is tasty or not he then tells her that it is tasty and requests her to not to ask him anything again. Just then Tanya comes homes and sees to Manas sitting in the main hall and starts complaining about Sameer. Manas tells her that he will listen to her later. He asks her to go to Vaidehi and tell her about her problems.

Tanya then goes to Vaidehi and complains to her about Sameer and how he is ignoring her and behaving rudely.
On the other hand, Manas decides to go out of the house and sits near the door to compose his music. But then Sameer comes and disturbs him again. Manas then requests Sameer to leave him alone for a while as he is busy working. After going inside the house Sameer and Tanya start fighting with each other and their voice irritates Manas. He then opens the door furiously and seeing him Atya, Manas, Vaidehi and Tanya become silent.

Will Manas get angry with Sameer and Tanya for creating the chaos? Keep watching to know more.

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