Phulpakhru 23 April 2019 Written Update: Revati Hugs Manas After Hearing His New Song

Will this create a problem in Manas and Vaidehi's life?


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas is trying to concentrate on his music but gets disturbed again and again by Vaidehi, Atya, Sameer and Tanya. He then gets irritated and decides to sit out and tres to work. Sameer and Tanya then start fighting with each other and this disturbs Manas. 

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Manas comes into the house and gives a look at all of them and goes upstairs in anger. He then gets ready to go out in a garden so that he can focus on his music but while getting ready he gets an idea and finalises the music. He then goes to Vaidehi and tells her that his music is complete but Vaidehi tries to tease him by showing him that she is busy. Manas follows her and gets irritated and snatches the mobile from Vaidehi’s hand and finds out that was Vaidehi faking the call. Manas asks her if she wants to listen to his song.Vaidehi tells him that she will listen to his music but first, she needs to complete her work. Just then Manas catches her and pulls her closer sings a song for Vaidehi.

Manas calls Revati and tells her that his composition is ready. Revati tells him that she wants to hear it live and wants to him to meet him in a restaurant for the same. Manas agrees and tells even Vaidehi will be coming with him as he wants her to join them. Manas and Vaidehi walk into the restaurant and meet Revati.

On the other hand, Shubham comes to Vaidehi’s house and finds out that Vaidehi is not at home. But while talking to Atya he comes to know about Vaidehi’s birthday. On hearing this, Shubham gets happy and thanks Atya for telling this information. He comes out of the house and calls Vaidehi but she rejects it as she is with Manas and Revati. Vaidehi again gets another call and gets up from the table and receives Shubham’s phone call. She tells him straight forward that she was cutting the call because she is busy with some other work and he cannot call her whenever he wants. She warns him that henceforth if he wants to talk to her, he should first text her and if she is free, she will message him back or else he has to wait. Vaidehi hangs up the call and gets back to the table. Manas after completing the song sees that Revati has kept her eyes closed. Manas then asks Revati about her response to the song. Revati stands up and hugs Manas.

Will this create a problem in Manas and Vaidehi’s life? Keep watching to know more.

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