Phulpakhru 25 April 2019 Written Update: Raosaheb Surprises Vaidehi On Her Birthday

Vaidehi meets her father and her brother after a very long time.

Manas and Vaidehi Romance

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas and Vaidehi go for her birthday shopping and both of them have a great time together. Later at night, Sameer, Tanya and Atya do all the preparations to surprise Vaidehi. Manas then convinces Vaidehi to go for a night walk and when they come downstairs, Vaidehi gets surprised to see all of them. Vaidehi then cuts her first birthday cake and thanks to everyone for making her feel special.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, the doorbell rings and Vaidehi calls Manas to open the door but there is no response. Vaidehi then comes downstairs and opens the door and finds out that her father and brother have come to surprise her on her birthday. Vaidehi gets emotional seeing her father after a very long time. She then comes to know that it was all planned, as Manas knew about this surprise. They all are talking to each other and Vaidehi’s father asks for tea as he has to leave in some time. Vaidehi gets upset to hear this but then Atya then tells Vaidehi to get fresh as she has to do pooja.

After getting ready Vaidehi comes downstairs and Raosaheb tells her how Manas did all the arrangements and it was because of him he could meet his daughter. Vaidehi tries to convince her father to stay back but he tells her that he has an urgent meeting and it cannot be cancelled. He then promises her that next time he will plan a nice vacation and stay with them.

After her father leaves, Vaidehi feels sad as she couldn’t get much time with him. Atya then takes Vaidehi with her and asks everyone to help her to prepare food. Sameer and Tanya are on their way to Manas and Vaidehi’s home but as usual, their bike gets stuck and both of them have an argument.

What new surprises are waiting for Vaidehi on her birthday? Keep watching to know more.

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