Phulpakhru 25 March 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Manas Has A Solution For Vaidehi

Manas comes up with an idea that if Atya also travels to Delhi with Vaidehi she can take care of Maahi.

Yashoman Apte

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we see Manas gets a flower bouquet from an unknown person. The only thing on the letter is the alphabet R. Revati who is a reporter calls Manas to have coffee with him and Manas agrees to meet her. 

Watch the episode below:

In today’s episode, Vaidehi gets angry with her colleague Ashwini as she did not tell her about the conference Vaidehi has to attend in Delhi. After knowing this, Vaidehi decides to got to Delhi for her presentation as it is important for the company’s future. Manas meets Revati at the cafe and she tells him about Sundaram Music company and the bad experiences she had while working with the owner of the company. Disinterested after hearing this, Manas asks her to change the topic as he is not interested in talking about it. While Revati and Manas are talking, Vaidehi calls Manas to tell him about the conference but he cuts her call. Seeing this, Revati questions him about it but Manas tells her that he will call Vaidehi once the meeting is over.

An unknown person who has been troubling Vaidehi with blank calls texts her and seeing his text she calls him and asks who is he and challenges him to tell his real identity. He doesn’t utter a single word and cuts the call. Manas comes back home after meeting Revati and seems disturbed. Vaidehi calls Manas and tells him about her Delhi conference. Hearing this, Manas panics.

In the next scene Vaidehi, Atya and Manas are trying to find a solution for the Delhi conference as Maahi cannot stay without Vaidehi. Manas then comes up with an idea that if Atya also travels to Delhi with Vaidehi she can take care of Maahi when Vaidehi is busy in meetings and rest of the time Atya and Maahi can take a tour to different places in Delhi. Atya gets excited and starts packing her bags.

Next morning Sameer calls Manas and both make a plan to have a bachelor party at Manas’s house as Vaidehi and Atya are not at home.

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