Phulpakhru 26 March 2019 Written Update: Will Shubham Create Trouble For Vaidehi?

Revati calls Manas and tells him that she wants to write a story on him.

Hruta Durgule in a scene from Phulpakhru.

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Manas giving a solution to Vaidehi. He tells her that if she takes Atya with her to Delhi then she can attend the conference as well as be with Maahi. Manas then drops them to the airport and sleeps till 11 the next morning. He then gets a call from Sameer and both plan to have a bachelor party at Manas’ house.

In today’s episode, we see Manas sees another bouquet kept at his doorstep which is similar to the previous one it and has no information about the sender. Atya and Maahi reach the hotel and a guy named Shubham helps Atya by holding her luggage bag he also tells her that he has come to Delhi for a conference.

Watch the episode below:

Revati calls Manas and tells him that she wants to write a story on him and asks if she can come to his house. Confused with this, Manas tells her to not to come to his house as nobody is at home except himself. He then suggests her to meet at the same cafe where they met last time. Atya calls Vaidehi to ask how is her conference going on but Vaidehi’s mobile is discharged and the call gets disconnected. Immediately a person offers her his personal phone and Vaidehi uses it to call Atya. Interestingly, it is the same person who helped Atya with her bags. Manas is at his office trying to work but he is missing Vaidehi and Maahi. He tries to call Vaidehi but as her phone is discharged, he cannot connect with her. Manas cancels his party with Sameer as he has to attend a meeting with Revati.

After the conference gets over Vaidehi comes out with Shubham and sees Maahi and Atya waiting for her. She meets them and Vaidehi comes to know that Atya and Shubham had already met in the morning. As soon as Vaidehi and Atya leave, Shubham is seen thinking about something. While all of this happens, Manas gets late for the meeting with Revati

Who is Shubham and is he helping Vaidehi by going out of his way? Continue watching to know more.

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