Phulpakhru 27 March 2019 Written Update: Shubham Makes Vaidehi Uncomfortable

Shubham orders the food of his choice and tells Vaidehi that if she doesn't like it then this will be the last time they are meeting.

Isha, Vikrant and Aaisaheb in a still from Tula Pahate Re

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Manas is late for the meeting with Revati as he gets caught up with work. Later, he somehow manages to leave from office and reaches the cafe. Vaidehi and Atya gets help from an unknown guy named Shubham and turns out to be a part of the same conference for which Vaidehi has come to Delhi.

In today’episode, Manas and Revati are talking about his success and Revati tries to convince him to join hands with her company which will assure him success. Manas does not believe in such things and tells Revati that no matter how hard she tries she can never convince him. On the other hand, Atya talks about Shubham who has been so helping them but Vaidehi tells Atya that she feels something is not right about Shubham. 

Watch the latest episode of Phulpakhru below:

While Manas and Revati are talking, Sameer comes into the same cafe with Tanya and sees Manas and Revati. As soon as Sameer comes to say hi to Manas, Revati reacts in a weird way saying they were about to leave and Manas finds it weird. Manas then drops Revati  and returns to home.

Vaidehi comes to have dinner with Shubham as he requested her to join him for the same. Shubham then orders the food of his choice and tells Vaidehi that if she doesn’t like the food of his choice then this will be the last time they are meeting. This sounds weird to Vaidehi but she feels that it is too early to judge him and continues to have food.

Manas who is alone at home is missing Vaidehi, so he calls her. Vaidehi receives his call but tells him that she will call him back after dinner. Seeing this, Shubham asks her about her married life and also compliments Vaidehi for her looks. Vaidehi looks uncomfortable with this.

Post her dinner with Shubham, Vaidehi calls Manas and both of them tell each other about their day. Manas tells Vaidehi about his meeting with Revati and Vaidehi tells Manas about her dinner meeting with Shubham. Both express that they are missing each other and say no one can come between them.

Why is Shubham interested in Vaidehi and Manas’ married life? Continue watching the show to know more.

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