Phulpakhru 27 May 2019 Written Update: Manas, Vaidehi Run For Baba’s Mobile

Vaidehi manages to get the mobile phone and as soon as Manas knows about it, everyone starts running behind the mobile.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas and Vaidehi reach the RBK office and meet Sameer, Tanya, Revati and other team members. Everyone is excited except Tanya as she is afraid about not getting Sameer’s name in the chit. At home, Atya tells Aai that if she starts behaving normally with Baba then he will stop doubting which will make it easier for them to get his mobile. Back at RBK, Vaidehi gets Manas’ name and Revati gets Sameer’s name which makes Tanya upset.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, after Manas and Vaidehi it’s Sameer and Revati’s turn. As the game progresses, they come close and seeing them, Tanya gets upset. She then suddenly falls down and everyone rushes to see what happened to her. Revati immediately calls the doctor and asks for an appointment. Vaidehi is near Tanya and then she hints Vaidehi that she is all good as it was her plan to stop Sameer and Revati from playing the game.

Atya and Aai behave nicely with Baba and talk about the memories of their wedding. Just then Baba starts talking about his friends which eventually leads to Sulu’s topic. Hearing her name, Aai gets frustrated and walks away.

While returning from the hospital, Sameer is surprised to see Tanya fine immediately after leaving RBK. Manas and Vaidehi come back home and Vaidehi sees an opportunity to get Baba’s mobile. Just when she picks up the mobile phone, Manas sees her and immediately reminds Baba to get his mobile.

Tanya and Sameer start fighting again and end up at Manas and Vaidehi’s home. Since Vaidehi is aware of Manas supporting Baba, she takes Tanya upstairs saying that people have become heartless and all men are the same irrespective of their age, indirectly pointing out towards Manas, Baba and Sameer. Later, Vaidehi manages to get the mobile phone and as soon as Manas knows about it, everyone starts running behind the mobile. 

Will Vaidehi get Sulu’s contact number from Baba’s mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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