Phulpakhru 28 March 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Manas Misses Vaidehi

Manas calls Sameer over as he feels lonely without Vaidehi and Maahi.

Manas Phulpkahru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Shubham trying to get friendly with Vaidehi and finding about her married life. He also compliments Vaidehi for her looks but she is irritated with him. On the other hand, Manas meets Revati in the cafe and Revati tries to convince him join their company. However, Manas refuses the offer.

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In today’s episode, while Manas and Vaidehi are talking on the phone, Shubham overhears their conversation and just when Vaidehi ends the call,Shubham comes and tells Vaidehi about it. Vaidehi gets angry over this and tells him to to maintain distance from her. After Vaidehi leaves, Shubham calls Atya and invites her for the celebration. Upon asking what the celebration is all about, Shubham tells her that it is to celebrate their meeting. On the other side, Manas calls Sameer at his house as he feels lonely. At night Manas starts dreaming about Vaidehi and ends up getting close to Sameer. Sameer somehow manages to escape from Manas’ romantic dream and sleeps in the living room. 

Next morning, Shubham is seen waiting for Vaidehi and Atya but only Atya joins. Shubham asks Atya about Vaidehi and she tells him that she if not feeling well and is taking care of Maahi. After breakfast, Shubham waits near the meeting room for Vaidehi and carries breakfast for her.

What are Shubham’s intentions? Keep watching to know more.

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