Phulpakhru 3 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sameer Finds Baba’s Mobile

Baba forgets his mobile while jogging but luckily Sameer finds it.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Baba tells Manas that all the family members are overreacting because they are not used to seeing him in a modern avatar. He then decides to go out and take an opinion from others (youngsters) about his appearance. Sameer meets him on the way and takes him to RBK office. Later, when Manas reaches office, he gets surprised to see Baba there.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Vaidehi comes up with an idea that they all should plan a birthday surprise for Baba. She says that they can make use of this opportunity to get more details about Sulu and invite her to the birthday party.

At RBK, Manas is angry on Sameer for bringing Baba to office. On the other hand, everyone including Revati is impressed with Baba and appreciate his lifestyle. They all decide to give a small gift to Baba for motivating all of them to take good care of their health and life. Seeing his father being such a great motivation for everyone, Manas realises his mistake and stops judging him. He later thanks Sameer for bringing Baba to RBK.

In the evening, when Manas comes home, Vaidehi tells him about the birthday celebration and convinces him to get the contact details of Baba’s friends, especially Sulu. Next morning, Manas decides to gift sunglasses to Baba so that he can ask for his mobile to click his photo and also get the contact details of Sulu. Baba comes back from jogging and Manas gifts him the sunglasses. He also asks him to wear it so that they can click a picture on his mobile. While searching for the mobile, Baba realises that he has lost it.

Vaidehi then calls on Baba’s mobile and luckily it is received by Sameer, as he found it on the bench where he was sitting. When he receives Vaidehi’s call he recognises her voice but he doesn’t tell his name to her.

Will Sameer return back the mobile easily or will he play a prank on Vaidehi and Manas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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