Phulpakhru 3 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shubham To Get Tender Details Again?

Shubham gets a call from a person who tells him details of the quotation.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Shubham comes at Vaidehi’s office while she is discussing the next tender quotation with Vishwas. He tries to demean Vaidehi but she doesn’t take it and gives him back by saying that this time she will be ready with sweets as they are sure about getting the tender. At home, Revati comes to meet Manas and has lunch with him and Atya.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Vaidehi gets a call from Ashwini telling her that her father has fallen sick and has to immediately go to her village. Vaidehi tells her to not to worry about the tender as she will manage the quotation and she should take care of her father. The same night, Vaidehi is seen tensed because her plan to reveal the person who betrayed her has failed due to Ashwini’s leave. Manas tries to make her understand that it is fine and they will find the culprit soon.

Next morning, Vaidehi calls Vishwas home to discuss and decide the quotation amount of the Kohinoor tender. Abhishek who is keeping a watch outside of Vaidehi’s house sees Vishwas going to her house and updates someone about this over the phone call. Vaidehi gives the final quotation of the tender to Vishwas and asks him to make sure that it is confidential or else their company and the trust over him is at stake.

While Manas is rehearsing his music he gets a call from Revati and she tells him that finally, his wait is over as he has to meet her in RBK office the following morning. On hearing this, Manas is excited. Shubham, on the other hand, gets a call from a person who tells him the figures and details of Vaidehi’s quotation for the Kohinoor tender. 

If Abhishek was not able to know the quotation figures then who told it to Shubham? Is it Vishwas or is it Ashwini? Keep watching to find out.

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