Phulpakhru 30 April 2019 Written Update: Vaidehi Betrayed By Her Own Colleague?

Shubham who quotes a rupee less then Vaidehi's company gets the contract. Vaidehi is aware that it can not be a coincidence.

A scene from Phulpakhru.

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Revati meets Manas at the restaurant and tells him about how the business partner loved his songs and they are going to have a live performance with Manas soon. He is really happy and wants to share it with Vaidehi. At the office, Shubham is overconfident about getting the tender and he comes to meet Vaidehi. Later Vaidehi comes to know that her company did not get the tender and it has instead gone to Shubham’s company.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Shubham offers the sweets to Vaidehi and tells her that she was the one who was overconfident and this was to happen. Upon seeing Shubham’s smile she questions him about this news. On hearing this, Shubham gets confused about what to answer as Vaidehi had asked him the right question. Manas calls Vaidehi to tell the good news about his live performance but while talking to her, he gets a feeling that something is not right. At the office, Vaidehi tells her colleagues that they did not get the tender and it has instead it has gone to Shubham and his company, as he quoted one rupee lesser than them.

Vaidehi calls Abhishek who went for the tender meeting and feels that he is the one who has leaked the information to Shubham as quoting a tender with the difference of one rupee is not a mere coincidence. Abhishek tries to tell her that he has no idea about all of this and he did not betray her.

Vaidehi’s colleagues call her to have lunch but she refuses. After some time, Manas comes to the office and meets Vaidehi. He asks her the reason behind keeping the tender news to herself. Vaidehi hugs Manas and cries saying that she does not feel bad about losing the tender but she feels bad that someone from her office betrayed her. Manas tries to console her and tells her that everything will be alright.

Will Vaidehi be able to find out who betrayed her? Keep watching to know more.

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