Phulpakhru 30 March 2019 Preview: Will Manas Come To Know About Sameer’s Real Plan?

Tanya keeps hiding from Manas.

Yashoman Apte in a scene from Phulpakhru.

In the recent episode of Phulpakhru, Sameer is surprised to see Manas at the door. He starts stammering because he is waiting for Taniya. As Taniya enters after Manas, Sameer gets sacred and plans to make Manas leave his own house. Taniya is not ready to leave Sameer so he has to make something up to hide her from Manas, who is trying to play the guitar in front of Sameer. He tells Manas to show this to the music companies. During this practice, they hear a noise from the kitchen where Tanya is hiding. Manas thinks there is a robber in the house and they both go to check it. Manas and Sameer continue searching for the robber. Tanya who is hiding in the bedroom is angry at Sameer’s childish behaviour.

Watch the latest spoiler below:

Sameer and Manas continue searching for Tanya as she keeps hiding from them. She goes to the top floor but Manas gets to know. However, when he checks it, he doesn’t spot Tanya there. Finally, Tanya somehow rushes to the ground floor and doesn’t know where to hide as Manas investigates in the upper bedrooms.

Will Manas come to know it was Tanya hiding in his house? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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