Phulpakhru 31 July 2019 Written Update: Manas And Vaidehi Celebrate Their Anniversary

In tonight's episode, Manas surprises Vaidehi by decorating the hotel and gives her the gold pendant.

Manas and Vaidehi

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi gives an envelope to Manas which has a cheque of 10 crores. He gets shocked and tells her that he cannot accept it. The latter assures him that as far as she knows Revati, she won’t accept the cheque because she cannot afford to lose a talent like him. When Manas reaches RBK, all his colleagues are happy to see him back except Jyoti. Manas without saying anything goes to Revati’s cabin and gives the cheque to Revati.

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In tonight’s episode, after giving the cheque to Revati, Manas comes out of the office and calls Vaidehi. He tells her that he has finally done it and asks her to get ready and come to meet him as he has made a plan to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Vaidehi gets happy and excited to meet Manas and enjoy their wedding anniversary together.

Meanwhile, Manas goes to buy a gift for Vaidehi in the same jewellery shop where he was insulted a day before. He asks the salesperson to show him a gift that matches his standard. When he comes at the check out he says that its an amazing coincidence that a day before he was insulted from the same shop and now he has come back as a customer. The owner of the shop feels embarrassed.

Later at night, Manas surprises Vaidehi by decorating the hotel and gives her a gold pendant. She gets overwhelmed seeing all this and thanks Manas. At RBK, Revati is still thinking about Manas and the way he gave her the cheque and left the company. Is she regretting her decision of losing a talent like Manas? A few moments later when she comes out of her cabin, she sees Sameer strumming his guitar. Upon asking why is he still there, he says that she was upset which is why he thought he should stay back.  

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