Phulpakhru 31 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Aai Sees Baba Chatting At Night

At night, Baba gets a message from someone and he walks out of the bedroom to chat. Aai sees this and tells it to everyone.

Vaidehi and Aai

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Aai is stressed after seeing Baba’s modern avatar but he tells her to stop over thinking and become modern like him. Later when Manas and Sameer come home, Vaidehi tells them about Baba’s changed behaviour. Manas decides to go and talk to Baba, just then Baba comes downstairs and seeing him in a new avatar he gets surprised too.

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In tonight’s episode, Sameer is on his way back home and just then he gets a phone call from Revati. She tells him that she was working late at night and now she is too tired to go home and cook food. She asks him if he would like to accompany her to have dinner. Sameer immediately agrees to it and tells her that he will reach within a few minutes.

At night when everyone is asleep, Baba’s phone starts ringing and he wakes up to check it. Aai who is unable to sleep sees that Baba is chatting with someone and walks slowly walks out of their bedroom. Aai and Atya both come to Manas and Vaidehi’s room and tell them about Baba and his chatting. They all decide to go downstairs and see who is he talking to on the chat.

Manas tells them he feels that it is wrong to peep into others matter but Vaidehi convinces him and they all go downstairs. Surprisingly Baba is not there. Atya suggests that he might be on the terrace and all of them go to the terrace to find him. The moment all of them walk upstairs, Baba who was hiding behind the curtains runs towards his bedroom.

After searching for Baba on the terrace, Manas comes down and sees that he is sleeping in his bedroom. This makes everyone feel that Aai was just overthinking. Next day, Revati, calls Sameer to come to the office as she wants him to play the drums before popular musicians who will be visiting RBK’s office.

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