Phulpakhru 5 June 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Manas And Vaidehi Get Sulu’s Number

Manas and Vaidehi are successful in getting Sulu's number but they do not remember the last digit.

Manas Rege

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Sameer has found Baba’s mobile and is irritated with multiple calls from Suleman. When Manas comes there, he tells everything to Sameer and both try to get Sulu’s contact details. Just then, Manas sees a call from Suleman and decides to answer it. He gets surprised to hear a female voice and immediately disconnects the call. The lady on the reveals her name as Sulu.  

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Manas and Sameer come back home after knowing that Baba’s mobile is locked with a password. The moment they step in the house, Baba takes his mobile and goes to the terrace to talk to Sulu. Manas gets an idea to get Baba’s mobile by telling him that they want to click a family photo. He convinces Baba and asks Sameer to take Baba’s mobile and click their picture.

Sameer is acting as if he is taking a picture but in reality, he is scrolling the contact list to get Sulu’s contact details. While doing so, Baba gets a phone call and he takes his mobile back. Vaidehi then uses another trick, she tells Baba about an application that will help him to keep a track of his health and fitness. Listening to her, Baba gives her the mobile and allows her to install the app on it. While Atya, Sameer and Aai distract Baba, Vaidehi goes to her bedroom and notes down Sulu’s contact number.

After successfully getting the contact details, Vaidehi asks Aai to take Baba for shopping so that they can plan the birthday surprise. Later when Aai, Baba and Atya go out for shopping, Manas dials Sulu’s number. Unfortunately, it’s a wrong number as Manas and Vaidehi made a mistake while noting it down. They decide to try different last digits and hope to get the right number.

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