Phulpakhru: 5 Ways In Which Revati Can Handle Rejection From Sameer

Revati was rejected by Sameer who didn't feel for her the same way. If, like Revati, you are in the same position, here are ways to tackle the issue.

Revati and Sameer from Phulpakhru

It is hard to get over that one person who gives you butterflies and can be the reason for your happiness. When that person denies being in a relationship with you, life can seem to get difficult. We see this happen in Phulapkhru when Revati proposed to Sameer who didn’t reciprocate to her feelings.

Watch the episode of Phulpakhru below:

If you are sailing in the same boat as Revati, we have chalked out ways you can deal with rejection. Have a look!

1. Take your time 

Validate your feelings and express since it will make you feel good. Express your thoughts instead of storing them inside. Sometimes your self-esteem can hit the rock bottom, in these moments, become your own cheerleader and lift yourself up.

2. Don’t take the rejection personally

It is easier said than done to not let someone’s rejection affect you. As humans, we tend to overthink and scrutinise every personality trait which makes you, YOU. Remind yourself that isn’t going to do you any good and stop before going down that lane.

3. Understand their perspective

When they turn you down, you could begin understanding their reason for doing so. Start by stepping in their shoes as this could help you comprehend the situation instead of sharing an awkward relationship.

4. Focus on the other good things in your life

Concentrating on the same incident and ignoring the other good things is just going to invite negativity in your life. Instead, why not surround yourself with your loved ones? This will remind you of your worth and help you to stop seeking validation from that one person.

5. Don’t make that opposite person feel guilty

While you are still grieving, don’t keep complaining about it to your crush and making them go a guilt trip. It is unfair to emotionally manipulate them to be in a relationship with you. A forceful relationship wouldn’t work.

After reading these points, are you going to incorporate them in your real life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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