Phulpakhru: 5 Ways In Which Tanya Can Distract Herself From Negative Thoughts

Tanya can start seeing things from a fresher perspective. To do that, she could maybe read a book, try yoga among other healthy habits.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Tanya’s situation in Phulpakhru makes us believe in this phrase all the more. We thought Tanya was being strong after her breakup with Sameer, but, we were proved wrong after she attempted suicide.  Fortunately, she was admitted to the hospital just in time before her case became severe.

Take a look at the latest episode of Phulpakhru below:

Seeing her make this impulsive decision of life and death, we are listing out ways Tanya can overcome the negative phase that she is in.

1. Find a silver lining in a negative situation

Don’t we see the rainbow during the cloudiest days? Meaning, every situation has a silver lining if you observe it carefully. The hardest times make us emotionally strong and carve us into a stronger person. Maybe this breakup between her and Sameer was meant to teach both of them something.

2. Have a conversation with your negative thoughts

We all overthink when a negative thought pops up in our mind. But, have you tried getting to the root cause of this thought? Recognising a negative feeling will help you understand the problem and look for a solution.

3. Find people you can lean on

You are never alone. No matter what you feel, there will always be people who love you unconditionally. In these dark times, reach out to these people closest to you. See your situation from a fresh perspective, you might even realise the problem isn’t as bad as you think.

4. Change your attitude

In the chaos that has irrupted in your mind, try to take a break. This will make you feel like the baggage is taken away from your shoulders. Read books that will help you change your lookout towards things. Instead of wrinkling your forehead at the problem, challenge that difficulty and meet it head-on. Your life doesn’t end just because you are in a problem or a person refuses to be with you. Be your own cheerleader.

5. Go for a workout

Exercising and sweating it out will take your mind off things. To top it, this is something that you are doing for yourself and not to please someone. Seeing situations this way promotes constructive thinking.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know in the comments if you want to add more to it.

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