Phulpakhru: 5 Ways Manas In Which Can Celebrate His Birthday!

As Manas' birthday is nearing, we think he deserves a break from his hectic life to do something amazing!

Manas from Phulpakhru

This world is divided into two types of people, the first category loves celebrating their birthdays while the other treats their birthday as any normal day. As Manas’ birthday is nearing in Phulakphru, Tanya and Vaidehi are planning ways to celebrate his birthday! Without him knowing, Vaidehi has elaborate ideas for her dear husband. So, for this ocassion, we are listing creative ways to assist Vaidehi and give her hand in planning.

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1. Celebrate it with family and friends

Sameer and Manas’ friendship has gone through a test of time due to Revati’s politics in the office. Now, on the occasion of Manas’ birthday, everyone can come together and have a small get together. This will a good opportunity to bury the hatchet and make a fresh start.

2. Donate funds to an NGO and/or visit old age homes

It is said that happiness multiplies when you make others happy. So, on his special day, Manas can take the opportunity to visit orphanages and give them clothes, story books and study materials. Along with this, visit to the old age homes is always a good option. Senior citizens are always waiting to meet fresh faces. Instead of spending on partying, you can make others smile.

3. Exchange roles with Vaidehi

Vaidehi has always taken care of the house with or without Manas by her side. So, this birthday, Manas can take Vaidehi’s responsibilities like cooking in the house, taking care of Mahi and looking after Atya. This would be a breath of fresh air to see Manas roleplaying Vaidehi.

4. Do something from his bucket list

We all have a list of things to do in life, so, what better way to refresh yourself than going on a vacation? Some of us want to travel, while others want to experience various adventure sports. So, during this ocassion, Manas cross off something that he always wanted to do but couldn’t because of priorities.

5. Reminisce their childhood

Since it is Manas’ day, he should forget his office work and go back to his childhood. Meaning: Manas can spend hours playing video games, board games with Vaidehi and box cricket with the neighbourhood kids. Along with this, there can obviously be watching a movie at home with the family members while having yummy caramel popcorn.

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