Phulpakhru: 5 Ways Manas In Which Can Deal With A Boss Like Revati

In Phulpakhru, the differences between Revati and Manas are crystal clear. Here are tactics on how Manas can take a step to resolve them.

Through Phulpakhru, we saw Revati’s transformation from a supportive leader to a boss who now seems partial. After Manas returned to RBK, Revati’s attitude towards him hasn’t been the same. She tries to undermine his skills as a musician even though he is talented. She convinced the investors to give Sameer a chance instead of Manas. Although we don’t know the reason behind Revati’s actions, we are hoping Manas stays strong. So, on that note, here are ways Manas can tackle a boss like Revati.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru before you proceed:

1. Understand your boss’ motivation

This means if Revati has certain expectation from Manas, he should understand it. Instead of getting angry and throwing attitude, Manas could observe Revati and see the way she is managing the company. This will help him get an insight towards what is really expected of him.

2. Focus on your work

Manas has worked hard towards his career and to become successful. He can’t give up on it just because Revati’s behaviour has become erratic. Especially, when RBK is one of the biggest music companies that are there in business. Manas could impress Revati by superseding in her expectations.

3. Help Revati where she is falling short

This may not sound like the best option for everyone. But, Manas can start working on points where Revati is falling short. He could give her a helping hand and become Revati’s right-hand man by working towards the upliftment of the company.

4. Have a foresight

Stay on the top of the game and be alert towards the oncoming problems. This proactiveness and forethought will impress any boss including Revati. Manas should prepare ahead of time for the difficulties that he is going to face during his music projects and work towards resolving it.

5. Prevent getting emotional at the workplace

Being emotional in your personal life may work, but that’s is the last thing you want to do when it comes to a professional scenario. If you start to lose your temper or getting teary-eyed, excuse yourself from the scene. Similarly, Manas should keep in check his emotions, because Revati is finally his boss. He needs to establish boundaries about what and what not to share with her.

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