Phulpakhru 6 April 2019 Written Update: Vaidehi Encourages Manas To Take Up Revati’s Offer

Will Manas finally collaborate with Revati? Find out!

A scene from Phulpakhru.

In the last episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Manas being shocked after seeing Revati at RBK  music company. She reveals that she isn’t a reporter like she said and is actually the managing director of the company. Revati clarifies that she lied as she has to scout for efficient men like Manas who can do business with her. Meanwhile, Shubham offers a business deal to Vaidehi, but the latter refuses saying that they shouldn’t mix friendship and business. Later, Manas cancels the deal with Revati which shatters her. Vaidehi learns of the same and asks Manas as to why he took such an extreme step. He tells her that Revati had lied to him.

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Vaidehi gets angry but also maintains that he should give Revati a chance instead of cutting ties off with her. The episode ends with Manas getting further upset and Vaidehi deciding to make up to him.

In tonight’s episode, we saw Shubam telling Vaidehi that he’s happy with her decision to not to business with him, considering that she looks at him as a close friend. Vaidehi tells him that this friendship can last only if he stays in his limits. Shubham further tests her patience and she cuts the call. He decides to keep pursuing Vaidehi till she says yes to a business deal with him.

Shubham from Phulpakhru
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Vaidehi notices Manas eating alone and decides to join him. Manas apologises to Vaidehi for eating without her. However, he makes it clear that he’s still angry with Vaidehi and storms off. Atya approaches Manas and tells him to talk to Vaidehi about whatever is troubling him.

Later, Vaidehi talks to Tanya and the latter says that she wishes to do something special for Sameer, on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. She seeks advice from Vaidehi as to what they can do. Meanwhile, Sameer calls up Manas to ask him about the same matter. He asks Manas as to what he had done for Vaidehi for their first Gudi Padwa and he reveals that he had written a song for her. Both Manas and Vaidehi recall their first Gudi Padwa and get happy. They make up and start talking again.

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A while later, Vaidehi asks Manas to rethink his decision on RBK music company. The episode ends with Vaidehi and Atya preparing to celebrate Gudi Padwa.

Will Manas take up Revati’s offer? And what will Shubham’s next move be? Stay tuned to find out!

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