Phulpakhru 6 June 2019 Preview: Will Baba Find Out That Manas Was Talking To Sulu?

After trying multiple times, Manas dials the call to the right Sulu, but just then Baba comes home to change his t-shirt.

Sadanand Rege

In tonight’s episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi tells Baba about an app that will help him keep a track of his health and fitness. Baba gets convinced and allows her to download it. She smartly makes use of it to get Sulu’s contact details. Later when Manas and Vaidehi dial the number, they come to know that they forgot to add the last digit. They keep on trying multiple digits to get the right number.

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, after trying multiple digits, Manas dials a call with the hope to get it right. Luckily a lady picks up the call and Manas asks her if her name is Sulochana Lavkare. And to their surprise, she is the same Sulu who they have been trying to reach. A few moments later, Baba comes home to change his t-shirt and gets shocked to see them. 

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