Phulpakhru: Tanya And Vaidehi’s Bond Gives Us #FriendshipGoals

Vaidehi and Tanya's bonding has been strong through the thick and thin. Today we celebrate these ladies who make Phulpakhru so much more interesting.

It wasn’t the love at first sight neither was it butterflies in the stomach. It wasn’t Tanya jet black tresses or Vaidehi’s beautiful eyes that sparked their friendship. Much rather, it took the alignment of two personalities in a way which made everything fall together just perfectly. In Phulpakhru, we have always been raving about Manas and Sameer’s bonding, but amidst that, not enough importance has been given to Tanya and Vaidehi’s friendship. So, today, we are going to pay a tribute Vaidehi and Tanya’s relationship which stood through the roughest of storms.

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These ladies, who know each other from their college days, have come a long way. During this bittersweet journey, their support for each other has never faltered. Vaidehi believed in Tanya when no one had her back. After her hard-hitting breakup with Sameer, Tanya again got back on her own feet thanks to Vaidehi’s affection. She taught Tanya to love herself before sharing that love with anyone else. She, along with Manas, also gave Tanya a roof when the latter had a fallout with her parents.

In this give and take of love, Tanya responded to Vaidehi with the same passion. Tanya liberated herself from the negative emotions that held her back. She took care of Vaidehi and Atya (and not to forget little Mahi). Tanya had striven when Vaidehi and Manas hit the rough patch. Now, these girls have made the Rege house as their own adda.  Looking at them, we know that they will be able to overcome the worst situations with their maturity and faith in one another.

After reading this, we would love to know if you share the same relationship with your bestie the way Vaidehi shares with Tanya! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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