Phulpakhru: Vaidehi Knows How To Wake Manas Up During Monsoons, Watch Video

Manas and Vaidehi just proved that they are relationship goals.

A scene from Phulpakhru.

What’s more difficult than trying to do cardio after eating a plateful of biryani? It’s probably waking up in monsoons. The sleepy weather and our blankets don’t seem to leave our side. To top it off, the green painted scenery outside our window is better than the world’s best painting. So, during such times, snoozing our alarms seems like the best thing to do. However, we are not the only one who is having a hard time waking up in this season. We have Manas from Phulpakhru to give us company. But, Vaidehi has devised a way to make sure Manas doesn’t oversleep and reaches work on time. Are you curious? Watch below.

Before that, make sure you are updated with Phulpakhru’s latest episode:

If you have watched Phulpakhru, then, you would know that Manas and Vaidehi are in better sync than your bread and jam. They know each other limitations and respect it immensely. So, Vaidehi exactly knew the quickest and the most adorable way to disturb our ‘Baba’ Manas’ sleep. She took  Mahi’s help for this task. The little one went crawling towards Manas and started flapping her hand on Manas’ face. This disturbed him peaceful rainy day nap. We got a glimpse of this on Zee Yuva’s handle. Check it out below!

Mahi’s chubby cheeks and innocence are making us melt. It’s not possible to watch the video just once with this much amount of cuteness. If you are done hitting the replay button, then, do let us know in the comments your thoughts on Manas and Vaidehi’s chemistry.

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