Phulpakhru: What Do You Think About Baba’s Transformation On The Show?

Manoj Kolhatkar, the actor who essays Baba's character, is responsible for our everyday laughter while watching Phulpakhru!

scene from Phulpakhru

Change is only constant in real life and on the reel. As humans, we are always evolving to become a better, quirkier, smarter version of ourselves. So, why expect anything different from our favourite onscreen characters? Taking this funda seriously, Mandar Devasthali made Phulpakhru even more interesting by showing the transformation of Manas’ father. In front of our eyes, his ageing dramatically reversed from being a regular father to being a young ‘cool dude’. Are you curious to know more? We’ve got the details!

Watch this transformation below:

In Phulpakhru, earlier, Manas’ father was everything predictable. He used to wear pyjama and kurta, speak calmly and give Manas fatherly advice whenever it seemed necessary. Manas and Vaidehi looked at him for support while Baba became a strong pillar of the house for them. However, little did they know, all was about to change. One fine day, Baba went from being a typical dad to a cool dude, whom you will confuse of being your age.

scene from Phulpakhru
Source: ZEE5

With Baba’s sudden change in the dress sense and style of talking, everyone around him was shocked. Nonetheless, Baba still wore the t-shirts confidently even though Manas was embarrassed. Lately, we see him wear goggles and prefer the company of youth. When Baba came to Manas’ office with Sameer, the employees at RBK applauded Baba for understanding technology and ageing like a fine wine. An embarrassed Manas finally has to accept that his father is mentally just as young as he is. More importantly, the father-son duo broke the barrier and can share their problems with each other without having to feel awkward.

Are you loving Manas’ father’s new avatar as much as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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