Phulpakhru: Will Sameer And Tanya Get Back Together?

We can't handle this suspense. Please help!

Phulpakhru actors Ashish Joshi and Trushna Chandratre.

If there is anything more complicated than your Math homework, then, it would be Sameer and Tanya’s relationship in Phulpakhru. A relationship-phobic Sameer can’t accept the idea of getting married to Tanya who is completely in love with him. Sameer’s womanising ways are getting the worst out of him while preventing him to fully commit to his lady-love. Now, that they have completely broken off their relationship, do you think there is a chance of them getting back together?

Watch the latest episode of Phulpakhru below:

There is nothing more agonising than seeing people, whom we thought were meant for each other, end their relationship. After seeing Vaidehi and Manas’ bond work successfully, we had high hopes from Sameer and Tanya, too. In fact, a die-hard romantic in us was envisioning what their dream wedding would look like. However, everything changed after they both called it quits. In the last episode spoiler, we saw Tanya trying to speak to Sameer who cut her call. Vaidehi, who oversaw this incident, tried to cheer her up by being positive, however, that didn’t work. As Sameer continues to flirt with Revati at RBK, we wonder if he will ever understand Tanya’s value in his life. As Tanya’s family is pressuring her to get married, what if Sameer doesn’t come around like her prince charming?

However, before you all get sad seeing this, we have a happy surprise for you. In a candid interview with Ashish Joshi who essays Sameer’s role, the actor subtly gave us hope that there may be a bright future for #Samiya. He also mentioned since they have Vaidehi and Manas’ support, the fans shouldn’t lose hope.

Are you rooting for them just as much as us? Let us know your thoughts on #Samiya in the comments below.

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