Phulpakhru’s Manas, Sameer And Shubham Take A Trip Together!

The actors took a boys trip after their show wrapped up.

One of our favourite shows, Phulpakhru, might have gone off air, but the memories we made while watching the show continue to stay with us. We especially can’t seem to stop thinking about our favourite characters who brought so much joy in our lives. Even now, our curiosity to know about their life continues each day. So, recently, when we got to know about the trip which the Phulpakhru boys, Ashish Joshi, Yashoman Apte and Nikhil Zope took together, we knew that we had to fill you in about it.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

After being used to watching Phulpakhru for over two years, the show ended on a happy note. Like us, you too must be missing watching the daily entertainment which Marathi serial brought to our table. In this time, the artists, who gave in their all to make this show a success, too forged a tight bond. So, after the show’s wrap up, the boys of Phulpakhru took an opportunity to spend time with each other and go on a trip. We were already aware that Ashish and Yashoman, like their characters Sameer and Manas, have always been close to each other. But, we didn’t know, Nikhil, who was seen in the grey shade, was best friends with these two.

From these pictures, they seem have had a lot of fun. Watching the trio in their element in real life makes us so utterly happy. Also, like these boys, even the actresses Hruta Durgule and Trushna Chadratre took a girls’ trip down South. We would love to know in the comments your favourite character of Phulpakhru!

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