Prem Poison Panga: Will Gandhar And Prajakta Get A Hint Of Jui’s Secret?

Gandhar and Prajakta saw Jui in her snake form at her house. We wonder if the couple will come to know Jui's family secret.

Scene from Prem Poison Panga

Jui and her family’s life has been a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs in Prem Poison Panga. They can’t live peacefully since, with every happy moment, there is an unfortunate episode that follows. Like, recently Jui and Aalap’s family met each other to align the couple’s horoscopes. Just as we were celebrating this moment, Aalap’s mother realised that Mr Bhole has faked Jui’s horoscope. You don’t need to guess how the rest of the meeting went. However, Aalap’s mother decided to give Jui’s family another chance. She sent Gandhar and Prajakta to have a talk with the Bholes. However, Gandhar and Prajakta saw Jui in the snake form when they went to visit her house. Do you think Jui’s family secret will be out in the open?

Watch an episode of Prem Poison Panga below: