Priya Bapat Is Currently Reading Ikigai; 6 Important Lessons We Can Learn From The Book

Priya Bapat's current read Ikigai has life lessons that we can all imbibe, especially during the ongoing lockdown.

Priya Bapat

Marathi actress Priya Bapat has always been choosy about her roles. and as a result has been part of some groundbreaking films. From Vazandar to Gachhi, Priya has always chosen roles of substance and shown her versatility with varied characters. Just like her career, the actress is particular about her personal life too. She keeps working hard to maintain a fit physique but something she recently posted on her social media proves that the actress also strives to keep herself mentally stimulated. The actress is currently spreading the message of ‘living in the present’, something she might have learned from the book she is reading, titled Ikigai.

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Priya’s current read has some important lessons about life and promotes the well-being of the mind and body. A healthy body and sound mind can lead us to our goal of creating a successful life. This is the need of the hour as everyone is trying hard to battle their lockdown blues. Here’s a look at six important lessons that all of us can take away from Ikagai to remain positive during these trying times.

1. Live in the present

The book promotes the practice of living in the present. It professes that living in the past or planning about the future can affect one’s present that is meant to be lived and not wasted. Hence, enjoy each day as it comes.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

2. Focus on yourself

Ikigai promotes self-growth and self-love. Some of us tend to be extremely critical of ourselves for making mistakes and falling out of order. But Ikigai reminds us that we are after all just humans, hence making mistakes is not a crime. Priya definitely knows this and follows it.

3. Eat fruits

Aside from shedding light on mental health, the book gives tips on how one can remain physically fit too. The Japanese eat in the 5:2 ratio, which means you eat for 5 days and skip food or fast for 2 days straight. Doing this increases immunity and overall health. You can try it, but only after consulting a nutritionist or doctor.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

4. Stay busy

Ikigai shows us the importance of staying busy and keeping ourselves engaged during the day. Solving puzzles, reading, and regular office work can help keep our minds active. Priya is a fan of this particular lesson as she can be seen indulging in various activities during the lockdown.

5. Life is to be lived and discovered

Ikigai tells us that we must not be hasty about how and when certain events that we expect to happen, would happen. We must be patient and wait. But in the meantime, we must also live life to the fullest and stay happy.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

6. Find your Ikigai

Ikigai means “reason for being.”  Therefore it encourages people to find the purpose of their living and strive towards achieving it.

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