Priyanka Tendolkar Or Yamaha R15: Whom Will Phulpakhru Actor Advait Kadne Pick?

Looks like Varsha has a solid competition. Whoops! We wonder if it will cause any downs in their relationship.

Phulpakhru actors Advait Kadne and Priyanka Tendolkar

Amit and Varsha’s romance in Phulpakhru on ZEE5 always leaves us with a mushy afterthought.  They seem like a perfect onscreen couple. But, did you think Advait Kadne who plays Amit’s character would have eyes for someone else in real life?

Before you proceed, watch his beautiful chemistry with Varsha on Phulpakhru

The answer is a yes; Advait does have eyes for someone who isn’t his onscreen love interest Varsha! Before you jump on to conclusions, let us tell you it is none other than his bike Yamaha R15 whom he fondly calls, ‘Red Lady Love’.

We can totally understand his affection as the Yamaha R15 is known for the sturdy performance which better than its competitors currently in the market. To complement that, the look of his automobile makes it a perfect sports bike.

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If you have gone anywhere near Advait Kadne Instagram then you would know his love for his real-life lady love never really fades.

So, now that you have seen his real and reel life love interests, tell us in the comments below which one do you like more?

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