Don’t Miss Pushkar Sarad And Abhindya Bhave’s Offscreen Bond In These Pics

The Katti Batti actors have just as much fun when the camera goes off.

Abhidnya Bhave and Pushkar Sarad from Katti Batti

Who doesn’t love to get a glimpse into the real-life relationship of our favourite actors? As if understanding our yearning, the artists of Katti Batti Abhidnya Bhave and Pushkar Sarad  showed us their goofy bond from behind the scenes. We have seen them essaying Anushka and Parag’s characters respectively.

If you haven’t already, watch them work together in Katti Batti

On the Marathi TV show, you get to watch Pushkar’s character having feelings for Anushka, who has been his friend for a while. To strengthen their budding romance onscreen, Pushkar went down on one knee for Abhidnya as witnessed by Instagram followers. Wait! Before you make assumptions, it is definitely not what you think. He offered her an apple. The actor captioned the picture, quoting, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The two actors have shared numerous fun moments in real life!

Meanwhile, here Abhidnya and Pushkar are seen posing for a ‘fake candid’ picture. This picture was captured during the rehearsal of Katti Batti. This is one of Abhidnya’s very few positive roles as the actress is famous for her antagonistic characters onscreen.

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