Raakshas Trailer Review: Sai Tamhankar – Sharad Kelkar Promise A Spooky And Thrilling Ride

Here's what we think about the trailer of this film. Details inside!

Poster Of Raakshas

When it comes to choosing films, Sai Tamhankar never disappoints. The popular Marathi actress has always entertained with a hoard of various films such as Vazandaar, Sau Shashi Deodhar, etc. She keeps up the good work with Raakshas, which also features Sharad Kelkar. The horror cum fantasy thriller tells the story of a woman Iravati, who sets on a mission to look for her missing father. He is a documentary filmmaker who disappears after shooting some of his scenes in a forest.

Watch the trailer here.

The catch is that Iravati is requested to solve a riddle in three parts, only after which can she find her missing father. The girl’s quest to find her family is no longer an ordinary one- with Raakshas we are taken into the world of fantasy, magic and ghosts. 

The film’s trailer has all the elements necessary to get you drawn towards clicking that play button. It is thrilling, spooky and adventurous. Raakshas promises to be an engaging ride, thanks to its gripping plot. There are scenes in the trailer where you can’t help but feel the hair on your neck rising; towards the end of the video, the monster comes alive and you can see it’s reflection on the wall.

This scene is a reminder of the visual treat that Raakshas is. One can be assured that Sai puts forth her best work yet again. The same is evident in scenes from the trailer, especially when she vouches to find her father against all odds.

The high point is Sharad Kelkar’s introduction and you know that you won’t be disappointed with his act in the film. Check out the trailer above and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below! For more entertainment, check out the collection of fun Marathi films on ZEE5 here.