Remember When Baapmanus Couple Surya And Geeta Did A Famous Romantic Scene?

The actors Shruti Atre And Suyash Tilak will become your favourite pair after reading this.

Suyash Tilak and Shruti Atre from Baapmanus

In reel life, you know it is true love when the actress’ dupatta flies and makes a contact with the actor while romantic music is playing in the background. We have grown up seeing this. Making us nostalgic about the old school romance, Baapmanus’ characters Surya and Geeta enacted the scene yet again.

Before you proceed, watch their romance unfold on Baapmanus

We see Shruti Atre playing Geeta’s role and Suyash Tilak essaying Surya. The actress posted a still from the show which had her dupatta flying on (seemingly unprepared) Surya’s face.   Now you know, which jodi is getting my vote for being the most romantic. Despite being not a big sucker of romance, Surya and Geeta’s bond always makes me feel happy.

We can contribute to the success of their reel life chemistry is to the friendship and comfort both the actors share in real life! Maybe, the next time Surya and Geeta should try enacting scenes from Bollywood rom-coms.

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