Remember The Time When Pallavi Patil’s Co-Star From Baapmanus Photobombed Her Selfie?

These two actresses keep their onscreen grudge behind and come together for a selfie.

Chaltana Jindagila Pallavi Patil attends Maharashtracha Favourite Kon.

Our phone’s photogallery is full of memories that we have made over time with our loved ones.  Best amongst these photos are the hilarious photobombs! These are those timeless moments where you were trying to get a selfie but were interrupted by someone! Like us, even our favourite character Nisha from Baapmanus played by Pallavi Patil loves photobombs just as much as us.

Oh don’t worry, they are still enemies on Baapmanus

Recently, Pallavi’s selfie was photobombed by her co-star Shruti Atre who essays Geeta in Baapmanus on ZEE5. On the show, we see these actresses at loggerheads with each other. In real life, these girls are the closest friends and have even been a part of each other’s pictures. Recently, Pallavi shared one such moment with Shruti, who was caught making a appearance in the background.

Later she said that she was clicking her selfie when Shruti (who was sitting in the back seat) photobombed it. This was all done in fun! Let’s just hope, next time we get to see the Baapamanus with Suyash Tilak included in a crazy photobomb! Until then, these artists will keep on charming us onscreen (which we are totally ready for)!

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If you want to see more of Shruti than just a glimpse, catch her doing a quick round of Q&A questions streaming on ZEE5.