Saajana: 5 Ways In Which Rama Can Control Her Jealousy

In Saajana, Rama is seeing getting jealous of Pratap who mingles with Adhya. So, we have listed ways she can tackle her negative feeling.

Still from Saajana.

In Saajana, we have seen Rama get jealous of seeing Pratap and Adhya talking. Because of her jealousy, she tried to interrupt them many times during their conversation. Since we totally believe that Rama and Pratap are soulmates, we hate seeing Rama overthinking and torturing herself. So, we decided to list ways Rama can calm down her envy! Check it out below.

But, before you proceed, watch an episode of Saajana:

1. Believe in your partner

You, first, fall in love and then start believing in that person. The second step takes time and builds slowly. Rama should understand that Pratap is a nice person and has never looked towards any other girl. The bond that they share is beautiful and should trust in Pratap who has always been mature.

2. Don’t compare 

The comparisons in a relationship rise from our own overthinking and insecurities. Rama feels jealous after seeing Adhya because she is insecure that Pratap will choose Adhya over her. We totally understand Rama’s insecurity. Although easier said than done, Rama should focus on her and Pratap’s future than lowering herself.

3. Give your partner the freedom

The more you try to chain someone to you, the more they will way to run away. Rama should give Pratap his freedom to choose. As Pratap will always pick Rama over everyone else, it will give her the assurance that he loves her. This won’t spring any jealousy.

4. Have a conversation

Instead of playing mind games or waiting for your partner to guess your thoughts, you could speak to them openly. Express your thoughts and get to the bottom of the problem. This will help you realise the reason for jealousy. It is always nice to be open and be honest about your feelings.

5. Think about the downside of negativity

While getting jealous about your partner and your relationship, you have to understand the ill-effects it is causing you. The toxic feelings never do anything good to you, so why harbour them? Rama could distract herself by making various recipes as she likes cooking.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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