Saajana: How Should Mama And Mami Handle Suman Who Is Refusing To Listen?

In Saajana, after being caught running away, Suman is now throwing tantrums about getting married. How do you think should they handle her?

In Saajana, we have seen Rama’s sister Suman act stubborn just fulfill her demands. Last week, Suman along with Sandy ran away to Mumbai to act in the movies. Sandy tried to extort money from her. But, thankfully Pratap got her back home safe! Now, we saw Mama and Mami tackle Suman by getting her married. How do you think they should handle her?

Before you proceed, watch Saajana below:

In the recent episode of Saajana, we saw Mama and Mami having a fight with Suman over getting her married. They didn’t have enough money and make matters worse Suman back answered them. To improve their relationship with her, maybe, they could start by having a proper chat with her instead of accusing her as it will anger her even more. Understand her thinking to get better clarity. Things aren’t going to improve by shouting at her, maybe they should improve the tone of their voice. More importantly, they should stop comparing Suman to Rama as this going to aggravate their relationship.

scene from Saajana
Source: ZEE5

Suman is a strong-willed girl who has a mind of her own. By screaming and dominating, things will just fall apart, so why not be a little patient and work things out. After reading this, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know how you think will Suman improve in her behaviour in the comments below.

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