Saajana: How To Get Your Mom To Accept Your Relationship

Aaisaheb found out about Rama and Pratap's relationship. If, like them, you are looking to speak to your parents, then, here are ways to go about it.

Pratap and Ramna from Saajana

Explaining to your parents how modern dating works is one of the most tricky situations. Not only is it hard, but also painfully awkward as you are made to divulge the details of your personal life. Saajana’s Pratap and Rama will give you real-time details as Aaisaheb has gotten to know Pratap is in a relationship with Rama. If you are in the same situation as Pratap, then, here are ways you could persuade your mother to accept the relationship!

Before you proceed, watch an episode of Saajana below:

1. Hear and validate her concerns

Your parents will have wise words to say about your chosen prospect. You don’t have to ignore their advice, instead, learn to reason with them. Have a calm discussion with your mom and explain to her your side of the story.

2. Show that your partner is a good person

When it comes to courtship and marriage, our parents always to have the upper hand. They want to pick a proposal that they think is suitable for you. Like Aaisaheb, they may not necessarily like your partner. For that, you have to show them that person you have chosen is exactly someone you want in your life. Talk about their good qualities and how happy they make you.

3. Display your progress

We have all been reckless at some point in life, but that doesn’t mean you have failed. For your parents to be able to trust you, it is important that you show progress to your parents. Maturity is a key factor here. When you have an open conversation, don’t forget to speak candidly without getting scared about people’s opinions.

Finally, like Pratap and Rama, you a need that belief that your relationship that it is going to work. So, after reading this, are you ready to face your mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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