Saajana Promo: Get Ready To Witness Pratham And Rama’s Love Story

The promo suggests that the two people in love are struggling to be together.

Saajanaa Poster

The best part about love stories is that every story is different from the other and each story has its own unique twists. Apart from twists, the couple has to go through many tough situations and drama. Some manage to tackle them and some take a backseat thinking about their families and society. Those who dare face the challenges get to live their life by their own choice. One such love story is of Manas and Vaidehi from the show Phulpakhru.  Zee Yuva has a treat for all fans who enjoy watching love stories in the form of their latest offering, Saajana.

Take a look at the trailer of Saajanaa below:

Whenever we see love stories based on rural Maharashtra, there is always something new to learn and inspire from it. Also, it has become a trend among the audience. Following this, Zee Yuva’s new show is about Pratham and Rama’s love story. 

Have a look at the trailer of the show shared below:

In the promo, we see Pratham and Rama standing near the hill and Rama trying to convince Pratham that they can’t be together by giving him an example of the earth and the sky. She leaves his hand and walks away. Pratham then calls her name loudly and tells her how much he loves her. This melts Rama’s heart and she smiles. Speaking about the actors, the characters of Pratham and Rama are played by Abhijeet Shwetchandra and Pooja Birari.

With this short promo, we can speculate that it could be a story of two people in love struggling their way to be together.

We are all excited to watch this upcoming show which will go on air from April 15, 2019. What about you?

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