Saajana Promo: Will Pratap Be Able To Lessen Rama’s Anger?

Rama hasn't been able to let go of the wrong accusations that were thrown at her. We wonder if Pratap will be able to help her.

A scene from Sajaana.

It is hard to let go of the accusations screamed at you when you are innocent in the situation. The hurt such harsh words cause remains etched deep inside our hearts. In Saajana, we saw Rama get blamed for a robbery even though she was innocent. Now, Teju shows her new laptop to Rama who is yet to recover from the robbery incident. She subtlely taunts Teju and walks out. Will Pratap, who has witnessed this incident, be able to help Rama tackling the situation?

Watch Saajana before you proceed:

In Saajana, Rama came into a negative limelight after Teju’s lost bracelet was found in her bag. After that, Baisaheb tagged her as a thief and humiliated her in front of the household. This followed by Rama losing her job at Pratap’s house. Luckily, Pratap helps the find the real criminal and Rama’s name is cleared of all the charges. In the glimpse given to us into Saajana by a Zee Yuva, all is not well as Rama has not forgotten the situation. After she taunts Teju, Pratap tries to explain to her but we wonder if Rama will listen to him. We understand Rama’s side as it isn’t easy to let go of something like this.

Baisaheb, Teju and Pratap may have let go of this incident, but the real question remains, has Rama forgotten it? Is she ready to forgive Baisaheb for her humiliation? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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