Saajana: Rama Reacts To Pratap’s Selflessness Towards Suman, Watch Video

In Saajana, Pratap saves Rama's cousin. What do you think she has to say? Tap here to know!

Pooja Birari from Saajana

It is rightly said, “Not all the superheroes wear capes,”. Some of them are just normal people who go out of their way to make others’ lives better. One amongst them being Pratap from Saajana. Actor Abhijeet Shwetchandra who plays this role is seen working towards the improvement of his village. Using his privilege of wealth, he is kind to the people who come to him asking for his guidance, while never rejecting to help them. Recently, we saw him bring Suman back when she tried to run away from her house. After this incident, Rama was impressed by Pratap‘s act of selflessness. Are you curious to know how she reacted? We have the details for you.

Watch Saajana below:

The story of Saajana has been nothing short of dramatic. Listening to Ankush’s men, Rajkumar was under the impression that Pratap helped his sister, Suman run away to Mumbai. Being typically hot-tempered, Rajkumar fought with Pratap who explained to him that it was Suman who collided with his bike and lied to him, too. Pratap, then, fulfilled his promise of getting her back home. This earned him major brownie points. Rama then goes on to thank Pratap for his doing as she seems more impressed by him.

Currently, Rama and Pratap are slowly starting to trust each other. Each day, Rama’s cooking is loved by Pratap likewise she loves the goodness in him. Do you think this is the beginning of Pratap and Rama’s love story? To know, keep watching Saajana at 8 pm streaming free on ZEE5.

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