Saajana: Should Rama Confront Hari?

In Saajana, Hari has been relentlessly troubling Rama and Pratap. It is high time for her to stand up against him.

Scene from Saajana.

The dynamics between Hari and Rama is hard to miss in Saajana. Hari, who considers himself superior to Rama and Manju, is always seen belittling them. Although all three of them are house helps in Raosaheb’s house, Hari still tries to dominate over others. His current mission is to find out the ongoings between Rama and Pratap. In the last episode, we saw him sneakily check Pratap’s phone. Looking at this, we realised, Hari needs to be taught a lesson. Do you think Rama should interfere and confront Hari?

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As a person, Hari will never improve. His greed makes him do bad things against Pratap’s family. Like, they don’t even know that he is spying on them and updating Abasaheb about the ongoings in their house. To make things worse, he went a step further to check Pratap’s phone to investigate his relationship with Rama. Then, he returned to Rama and screamed at her for no reason. Looking at him plan all these mean strategies make us angry at Hari. A poor Rama has to always be his target without any reason. Previously, too, he made her look like a thief when she has always been honest.

After seeing these things, we would love to see Rama stand up to Hari and oppose him openly. Having a good impression in Pratap’s house, no one will really say anything to her. Before Hari’s evilness goes above the head, Rama should find her inner strength to teach him to respect women. After reading this, what do you think should Rama do? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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