Saajana: We Love To Watch Rama’s Fight To Educate Herself!

In Saajana, Rama is continuing her education and believes in hard work. We are inspired by her commendable dedication.

We have enjoyed watching Rama’s bravery in the face of adversity in Saajana. Her and Pratap’s life practically came to a standstill after their relationship was discovered by Raosaheb. Following this reveal, it didn’t take very long for Pratap and Rama to distance themselves from Pratap’s family since Raosaheb was against their relationship. Even during this difficult phase, Rama continued her virtuous work which she used to do when she was in good terms with the Jadhav family. She continued to motivate people, especially women, to educate themselves. Take a peek at what Rama has to say!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

You know how much we love watching Rama and Pratap’s chemistry in Saajana. They are, what the millennials call these days, #RelationshipGoals. Currently, in the show, the couple has to pick up odd jobs to support themselves. Even in this scenario, they are smiling happily while doing what they can to overcome the circumstances. Recently, Rama got to know that she cleared her HSC board exams with flying colours. An elated Rama told Sarla and Pratap that if you believe in something and work hard towards it, then you will always be successful. We agree with Rama since we have seen her work as a househelp while she was studying for her board exam. Even on the day of her exam, she reached her examination center late due to jampacked roads. These hurdles didn’t discourage her.

We always knew that Rama had it in her to make her family proud. After seeing the hardships which she has faced in life, we believe she deserves this success and more. As the serial continues, we can’t wait to watch what is in store of us! Don’t forget to keep up with Rama’s success story in Saajana.

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