Saajana Weekly Update: Ankush Gets To Know Rama And Pratap Spent Time Together

Last week on Saajana, Pratap and Rama get stuck in rain and have to take shelter in an abandoned hut. Ankush's spy updates him of this.

Scene from Saajana

Last week on Saajana, Teju lies to Pratap and Baisaheb about her meeting with Samar. After she returns home, they both reprimand Teju for her behaviour but she revolts back and walks out. They are left shocked after seeing this side of Teju. Meanwhile, at home, Mami and Rama are discussing the ways to repay the loan taken from Pratap’s family. However, finding the amount high, they are worried.

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The following day, as Rama brings tea for Baisaheb and Teju, she is asked to wait. Baisaheb subtlely taunts Teju by taking Rama’s example. Teju understands this and asks Rama to leave. Baisaheb and Pratap ask her the reason for secretly meeting Samar without informing them. Teju says they would rise their expectations about her and Samar’s marriage hence she didn’t reveal it. Pratap explains to her that she can always open up in front of him and Teju apologises on hearing this. Baisaheb, then, asks Rama to keep an eye on Teju.

Pratap catches Rama as she falls from the table. He picks her up and tends to her leg. After Pratap is gone, Rama’s co-worker tells her to keep it a secret that Pratap picked her up since people will start talking about them. Meanwhile, at Rama’s house, Rajkumar and Mami are discussing Rama’s marriage.

In the evening, as Rajkumar comes to pick Mami and Rama up from Pratap’s bungalow. He is mockingly told by Hari that Pratap already sent a car to drop them home. Hari starts making fun of Pratap’s soft corner for Rama to make Rajkumar furious.

Rama is going to taluka as Pratap offers her to give a ride. While at Taluka, Rama and Pratap have to share a hut as the weather conditions take a toll for the worse. Being drenched in water, Rama is shivering and Pratap gives his shirt to her. Meanwhile, Ankush gets to know through his spy that Rama and Pratap spent alone time together.

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